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Manage Students

With EasyTutor it's very easy to take on new students. Once a student adds you, you are able to accept or decline the request.

About EasyTutor


If you're a student or tutor, EasyTutor will make your life so much easier. It keeps everything related to private lessons in one place for both students and tutors.


Students, say goodbye to all the hassle you went through in managing your lessons. Making sure you remember which lessons occurred when, for each tutor and how long they were - EasyTutor solves this. All your lessons are logged for you after you send requests. At the end of the month, no longer do you receive a quote with no reference to check if you are being overcharged - your tutor sends invoices with a breakdown of the lessons, and you can pay the invoice straight from the app!

Tutors, EasyTutor organises everything for you. You don't have to manually keep track of your monthly lessons. Invoices are automatically generated for you and you can send them to students in the app and by email. The app offers more features to make managing your tutoring career much easier.


Joshua Ramkissoon

I am a fourth year Engineering student at Imperial College London. I have been tutoring for Figtree Learning since January 2017 and I enjoy helping students excel in Math and Science. My love for tutoring made me want to develop EasyTutor to make student - tutor interactions much more efficient and user-friendly.


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